If we are to use a PVA account, we must first know all about an account. What is a PVA account?

PVA account is an abbreviation used for the term “Phone Verified Account”. These are the accounts that are made and verified using your mobile phone. A text is sent from a merchant to the phone number that you have to enter in the field available on the merchant’s site asking for the code. When you enter the code in that space and proceed, your account is verified. This turns your non-verified account to Phone Verified Account.

What do you do when your account is verified via your phone?

Once you confirm and own a  buy aged Gmail accounts you get to enjoy all the perks that come along with it. Let’s say you are now eligible to use featured tools on the merchant’s sites and to process data, search and storing things is made easier. PVA accounts can be put to use as the means of security. Wouldn’t you like to know everything that is processed using your account for example transactions? You can ask for the merchant to confirm with you before processing data, transaction and changes in security. By doing so, you are notified if your account is hacked or compromised and someone else is trying to do things on your behalf. When you know there’s a breach, you can counter it. This PVA tool is very important and essential as you are always in possession of your personal cell phone and everything happening on your PVA account is being confirmed by you and everything happening is in your notice. One could never have felt safer before having a PVA accounts at cheap rate. With PVA account come to a sense of security and privacy.

Gmail PVA

You can also use PVA for a 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentications are required in order for you to access anything from your account to your data stored in the account. Only PVA account can set up a 2-factor authentication. When you sign in to your account a code is sent to your phone to bring it in your notice that your account is being signed in, if its indeed you, who is signing in you’d know and you’ll be able to confirm the code. Once you’ve confirmed the code you are good to go and use your account as you desire. By this method, if anything goes wrong the merchant is not liable to do anything for you since it was your account and phone what was compromised and used. So, if your account is compromised and you still have your phone there’s nothing a stranger can do. We strongly recommend you to have a Buy Gmail PVA Accounts so that you’re always secure and up to date about what’s happening with your account and where it is being used.

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